How to make text, icon or shape thicker/bold in Adobe Illustrator


How to make text, icon or shape thicker/bold in Illustrator. Recently I faced a problem for my on going project regarding font thickness. I was designing a four pages brochure and and when I sent it for approval, my client shared a paid font which he wanted to use for all headings. But the problem was that was slightly light weight font and client wanted to see is little thicker. Then I got the solution and now going to share with all of you.

In Adobe Illustrator you can make your heading, letter or shape thicker or thinner only with a few steps. Sometime it happens that you have only light or regular font of any particular font type in your computer and you want to make it little thicker like medium, bold or black but for this you don’t have complete font family.

How to do it?

Just select your required text, go into Type menu press option “Create Outlines”. Now your text has been converted into shapes and you can not change it’s font type anymore. Now go into Object menu, select Path, from path menu select “Offset Path” option. A new window will open with a few option. In the first field of offset you can enter your required number, for example if it is “0.1 inches” then you can increase it to “0.5 inches” and press ok. But keep mind when you are working in inches do not enter too much big numbers like 2 inches or 3 inches because it will increase too much thickness and will destroy its shape. Similarly you can play with your icons or other design shapes but in this case you don’t need to convert it into outlines. Because we need to create outlines only in case of fonts.

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