How to Convert an Image Into a Vector Graphic in Adobe Illustrator

Convert image into vector very easily with a few easy steps in Adobe Illustrator. There was a time when people have to use big and small images in there websites. But now time has been changed and there are retina devices everywhere and we can not use images in our website and mobile applications.

Importance of vector graphics

As we know technology is getting advanced day by day and we can not afford raster images in our websites and applications. There are various negative points of using images in websites for instance your website will take lot of time for loading, SEO problems and on retina devices image will be pixlated etc.

So to avoid such problems we have to use vector images. And if due to some reason vector graphics are not available we have to convert our images into vector. If we will convert required images into vector it will make our life easy. For example, if we use SVG code in website there will be 3 major benefits, first of all it will be using as a code so no fear of loosing quality, secondly it will be very light weight just a few Kbs and lastly you can change the color of your SVG file anytime with css code.

Steps: How to convert image into Vector

  • Open Adobe Illustrator and take a new document with RGB or CMYK mode.
  • Open your image in Adobe Illustrator, you can also drag and drop your image.
  • Select your image and go into Object menu.
  • Select sub menu Image Trace
  • In Image Trace menu click on “Make and Expand”
  • Now image has been converted into vector, now press right click of your mouse and do Ungroup it.
  • Click somewhere else in your document and deselect your image.
  • There could be some unwanted objects or layers simply delete them.
  • Select your vector again and change it’s color as per your requirement. You can save this graphic as SVG image or can copy SVG code.