Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) aids to bring your website in the public interest. All the energies you do to create a catchy website are productive only when it is capable to obtain traffic. SEO is all about your objective audience staying your website from a search engine, by means of key terms that are of concern to them. Our role as search engine optimization specialists is to confirm that your website appears on the obverse page of Google and additional search engines where it attains full visibility.

The SEO team’s actions are as extraordinary as they are varied: from taking minor stores to native domination, to assisting global brands to keep away the fierce competition. Our success originates from our variety: computer experts, historians, designers, literature gurus, graphic engineers, and even a neuroscientist deliver our clients with an excess of talents.

The services we deliver for search engine optimization comprise onsite seo, offsite seo, link building, seo consultancy, keyword market research, Meta title descriptions and domain authority. SEO makes the web appear at first pages to search engine so that your site can grasp the traffic. The thumb rule web based business is that the additional people visit your site the additional is your chance to do business. The Glint Pixels web design’s onsite SEO is up to the customary estimated by search engines and it captures links from a high specialist, relevant areas. To speak to one of our SEO experts, just complete the procedure and we will be in touch.

Old Website into Responsiveness

Responsive design is an unlimited way to yield your existing website and retrofit it for your innovative mobile viewers. Responsive design has occupied the online world by storm. The diversity of devices and arrangements with which an operator can contact your website are rising exponentially and you want to address them all if you need to have a reliable digital presence. As 3G and 4G networks advance, and extra and more of us are utilizing Smartphones and tablets to entrance the Internet, it’s important that your website is improved for those who select to entree your site “on the get-up-and-go”.

The Comfort of use is one of the top necessities for those who need to access the Internet whilst travelling, out walking, or sitting in a tea shop for example, and if your website isn’t enhanced for this kind of operator, probabilities are your business will miss out on possible customers. We help our customers to acquire one solitary design that can be used on numerous types of screens and plans. With these receptive designs, the websites will certainly benefit a big being simply available on mobile and smart phones. Our developers and designers are specific about their distribution of responsive designs as they ensure the true in-depth information of the whole responsive concept.

Digital Designs

Digital design denotes what is created and formed for watching on a screen. Digital designs can comprise content such as multimedia arrangements, social media security, email and web advertisements, digital commercials and signage, pitch decks, 3D modeling and 2D animatronics.

Your website, much similar a shop window, needs traffic. Having a strange, operator friendly, elegant site with all the content you want to alter potential clients is unusable if you can’t really get people to gaze at it.
At Glint Pixel, we know the status of leading targeted traffic to your website, and we distinguish how finest to go about it. We offer a wealth of diverse digital marketing answers for your business, which can comprise E-mail advertising, PPC operations and social media marketing that will drive additional visitors to your site, allowing them to get and purchase what your business has to offer. We’re a combination of obsessive inspired, front and back-end developers, samples, plan managers and content experts that all derive together to expand digital businesses.

Whether that’s by creating modified applications to simplify your business processes, developing an eCommerce store to improve your sales, or applying a marketing strategy to describe your place in the marketplace our team is on hand to go beyond your expectations. Our online advertising services are custom-made totally to your business’ needs and we can make sure you get an unlimited return on your asset. We can help you acquire your campaigns up and running and nip them to be additional effective as time passes. We do not ever use wrong methods to get consequences, so you can be certain that your accomplishment will not be a transitory experience.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications give you 24/7 contact of your customer or purchaser. Now a day’s numerous start-up businesses and numerous industries are employing the mobile apps for their business to expand their business and fascinate additional customers to the business. Businesses develop mobile apps created on their users; they can favor iPhone apps development, Android app development, Blackberry app development, Windows apps development, or all. We deliver mobile application development facilities for Android and iOS. These platforms cover extra than 90% of mobile strategies being used worldwide. When we design and develop apps, we take care of diverse mobile phone scopes, variations, and screen resolutions. Classically, all apps must be working effortlessly on iPad for iOS and tablets for Android apps.

We work diligently with our clients to create user friendly yet smartly functional apps. We agree that business necessities differ meaningfully which generates a requirement for modified Mobile App Development for specific business necessities to improve functionality, efficiency and value adding. We likewise stay up to date with the newest testing procedures and tools, so that we can follow to the necessities that our customers have intended for their apps. Our goal to enable customers and partners in increasing their industry development with the greatest tools and structures obtainable in the market, proposing award winning business mobile app development facilities with the finest worth for:

  • High excellence applications for an extensive array of function
  • Fascinating a greater user base & growing business influence
  • High standard functionality & types
  • Increasing visual charm & ironic user interface
  • Cross stage development for mobile apps
  • A Diversity of app choices from innate, web & mixture
  • Comprehensive working system support


New and more people are turning to the Internet to do their shopping, and consequently some retail business value its salt must have an e-commerce website that their consumers will love to utilize. An elegant, fast, accessible eCommerce website can aid to guarantee your business flourishes online and here at Glint Pixel, we have years of experience in making just that. E-commerce is a term for some kind of business or commercial contract that comprises the transfer of information cross-ways the Internet. It covers a collection of diverse kinds of businesses, from purchaser based retail sites, through sale or music sites, to business connections trading goods and facilities among corporations.

Having a strong eCommerce website is the basis of your online trade business, and we comprehend the significance of utilizing the up-to-date technology to raise your production. Our eCommerce solutions provide the best in normal features and functionality whereas remaining totally customizable. Our Unique e-commerce service includes lovely, clean and stylishly handcrafted accessible stores. Our team will discourse your custom functionality requirements and adapt a solution that matches your online brand and eCommerce objectives.

Website planning and development is surely not an easy task but the trials are bigger for the designers and the creators when they are inquired about the do the similar for the e-commerce since it is problematic to deal with its nuts and bolts. These websites are desirable to be robust that must be capable to transport the high sales capacity, handling the data securely and that’s not all! Your e-commerce site alongside the diverse features likewise needs to be decent when it comes to the looks.

You cannot make any cooperation with the design; as it is the lone to grasp the people’s consideration first, so you want the instinctive design for your websites. One of the main concerns with selling online is safety, and Glint Pixel has it protected here too. We use safe entryways for our fee systems, with the maximum level of built-in safety comprising 256-bit encryption and SSL credentials, guaranteeing that payment particulars remain completely safe, totally the way from your client’s PC to your commercial bank account.

Web Development

We have team of developers who work on different languages and frame works. If client is non technical then we suggest him that which languages is perfect for his business. Technical clients come with their specific development requirement and our developers team fulfill their need with their expertise.

Web development is a comprehensive term for the work intricate in evolving a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a secretive network). Web development has diverse from emerging the greenest static single folio of basic text to the most multifaceted web-based internet solicitations (or just ‘web apps’) electric businesses, and social network facilities. An additional inclusive list of jobs to which web development typically refers may comprise web manufacturing, web design, web content development, customer liaison, customer-side/server-side scripting, web server and network safety confirmation, and e-commerce improvement. By working faithfully with our consumers, and providing assessable business outcomes, we have full-fledged to turn out to be one of the most well -appreciated organizations in Manchester, delivering bespoke solutions to hundreds of customers crosswise the country.

We have sensibly investigated our target marketplace, just as we will through yours, and this is reason we are sure we can offer a complete method to your business’ website desires. We distinguish your markets, just as well as we distinguish our personal. Our exceptional approach means we have the aptitude to alter your website to the scope of your industry.

Different languages and frameworks:

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Jumla
  • Javascript
  • Laravel
  • Codeigniter
  • Shopify
  • .NET

Website Design

Glint Pixel provides best website design services throughout the world. We have worked with different clients from USA, Australia, UK, India, Pakistan and France. We have best knowledge of user interface and user experience. Now a Days user experience is a main key of success of any website, if a website is fail to engage its user or unable to fulfill the user’s requirements it means that website is going to lose business.

We do our best try to provide excellent user experience and interface. Web design incorporates numerous different skills and disciplines in the creation and upkeep of websites. The diverse areas of web design comprise web graphic design; border design; authoring, including standardized code and branded software; user understanding design; and search engine optimization.

By working thoroughly with our clients, and providing quantifiable business results, we’ve grown up to develop one of the utmost well valued agencies in Manchester, providing bespoke resolutions to hundreds of client’s cross-ways the country.

We have wisely researched our objective market, just as we will with yours, and this is why we’re certain we can deliver an all-inclusive methodology to your business’ website necessities. We recognize your markets, just as well as we distinguish our own.

Providing an excellence custom-made website design or a content organization system doesn’t mean that we have to drive on about how inventive we are, we will allow you look at our selection for that. We know that what YOU need is somebody who comprehends what you need and provides it, working on the way to the same goals for your website as you are.

Our clients come in all profiles and sizes. We’ve provided simple booklet websites for individual dealers, right through to custom made eCommerce resolutions, giving out thousands of dealings for large business clients. Our exclusive approach means we have the capability to modify your website to the extent of your business.

Specific Website’s we have generated include:

  • Content Managed Websites
  • Portfolio Websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • Mobile responsive Websites
  • Complete Business Solutions
  • Personal Business websites


We don’t just offer Web Design in Manchester at Glint Pixel. We have long been generating comprehensive branding results for companies and business, of all extents. Whether you are a start-up who requires generating a splish-splash, or you’re in requisite of a rebrand to remodel and bring up to date your image, we utilize our broad experience to deliver a branding solution that actually works.

Branding is what joins a company with its public. In a communiqué background that is digitally-led, approaches that take human relations to technology have not ever been additional significant.

Once we recognize your brand impression and market positioning, we plan until we generate your exclusive knockout factor whether that’s contemporary, standard, stylish, courageous or imaginative, our goal is to knob into an appearance and feel that arrests you and generates instant character with the kind of people you maximum need to attract. The choice to have your product professionally designed is a large one, but in our belief, there’s no improved choice. When you hire us to improve your brand, you’ll discover that we spend ourselves in your brand alike it’s our own. An effective branding service includes: logo designing, brand positioning, brand standards etc.

Some of the website’s we’ve created include:

  • Content Managed Websites
  • Brochure Websites
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Mobile responsive Websites
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Complete Business Solutions