Character Animation in Adobe Photoshop

Learn character animation in adobe Photoshop. In this lecture you will learn how you can create animation in adobe Photoshop. We can create GIF animation with a few easy steps in Adobe Photoshop and you can use that animation on various platforms.

Basic steps for animation

Try to keep your character or object as vector for better graphic quality. In any vector tool like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw just keep your character or object as sprites. You can also create an environment for you animation as you can see in above video we have created a green park environment for our character. If you don’t want to create environment then just create a new file in Photoshop and you can use reasonable canvas size according to your requirement. We have used 1366px by 768px size for our canvas.

Let’s start animation

Next step is just copy all of your sprite images one by one from your Illustrator/Corel draw to Photoshop. But the very most important point is the dimension and position of all characters should be same. You can set “x” and “y” positions with grids so that when your animation is playing there should be no jerk at all.

Now simply just open your timeline from window menu. Select “Create Frame Animation” if this option is not selected. At this stage it depends on you that you can create as much frames as you want. on frame one only first character or object layer should be visible rest layers should be hide. Similary you can do with all frames, at each frame you just need to keep visible only relevant layers other layers should be hide. When all frames done one by one then you can play your animation. There is small drop down icon under each frame from there you can set speed of animation/video. You can also set its loop time, either it should run for once, twice or forever.

Save your animation

To save your animation just go into file menu, click option “Save for web”. A new window will open, from top right corner you can select option GIF from the drop down, colors option should be selected 256 and click on Save button and save it at your required destination.
Now go into your destination folder and drag your GIF file in any browser it will be working perfectly.

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