How to slice mobile application for iPhone and Android from same PSD

Mobile application is a big need of this area and hundred of applications are being launched on daily basis. There are different mobile platforms but most famous are iPhone and Android. More than 90% people are using iPhone and Android. So mobile developers and designer’s demand is increasing day by day.

How to slice for iPhone and Android

If you have designed custom application and design will remain same on iPhone and android then you just need to slice only for large resolution device like 6 plus. Just create 4 folders with following names 3x, 2x, 1x and 4s. Once your slicing is done for 6 Plus just keep it in 3X folder. Now create batch action in Photoshop and convert all 3x slicing into following percentage “66%” and save it into 2x folder. For Photoshop action watch my this video Now you have to repeat with all remaining resolutions 2x, 1x and 4s.

For Android you have to create following folders XXXHDPI, XXHDPI, XHDPI and HDPI. Actually these resolutions cover almost all Android devices. For XXXHDPI you can cope 6 plus slicing as it is no need to change but splash sizes of each screen will be different you can’t create them with action.
Below I am going to mention iPhone and Android devices sizes and slicing percentages. For slicing you have to follow same pattern as for iPhone.

For iPhone

  • 4 / 4s – 640 x 960 – Keep as 1x
  • 5 / 5s – 640 x 1136 – 1x: Slice 33.33%
  • 6 – 750 x 1334 – 2x: Slice 66%
  • 6 plus – 1242 x 2208 – 3x: Keep it as it is 100%

For Android

  • HDPI – 480 x 854 – Slice 38.65%
  • XHDPI – 720 x 1280 – Slice 57.97%
  • XXHDPI – 1080 x 1920 – Slice 86.96%
  • XXXHDPI – 1440 x 2560 – Slice same as for iphone 6 +

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