How to change size and dimensions of multiple images within minutes

How to change size and dimensions of multiple images within minutes is my today’s topic. As you know now a days personal and business websites are need of everyone. Specially eCommerce websites have huge databases with a big number of images.

So now I am going to teach you a perfect and quick way to resize your images. For instance, you have a big number of images and you want all of them to resize with same width or height. Go to Adobe Photoshop and open action panel from the windows menu. There you will find a few action folders in default just ignore them for now. and click on “create new set” icon from the bottom of actions panel. You can choose a name for this set, now click on “create new action”. Once you clicked on create new action your action recording will be started. Now just open one image from the images folder and resize it as you want and save it in a new folder somewhere. Close your file and click on stop icon in actions panel.

You action has been recorded and now its a time to apply on all images.

  • Go to file menu >> Automate >> Batch
  • From the first play option select your set name then action name
  • In source select your folders where your images are available
  • Override option should be checked
  • From the destination options select your destination folder where you want to save your images
  • Again Override option should be checked
  • Press OK button

Now all of your images will be open and will be saved at their destination after resizing automatically.

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