Font awesome Library

Font Awesome is world’s most popular and easiest to use icon library. In all over the world front-end and back-end developers are using this library for their projects. By the time they have improved their website and increased number of icons.

How to use in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

When we download zip folder from the website it provides us 2 or 3 fonts to install in our machine. For example fontawesome.otf and fontawesome.ttf etc, we just need to install those fonts in our machine. Now if you want to use any particular icon in Photoshop just go to this link copy your required font with mouse from the given list and paste in Photoshop file. Now it will be looking like a rectangle, select this icon with text tool and go to font list and change this font to Fontawesome. In this way you can you fontawesome icons in your design software.

How to use font Awesome in HTML

First of all download the library from the website It will give you 4 folders CSS | Less | Sass | Webfonts, you can delete Less and Sass folders if you don’t want to use compiled version. Just copy rest two folders css and webfonts and paste them in main directory of your project where your index file other html/php pages are available. Now you need to include following css file in your page header “fontawesome-all.min.css”. In your body area you can use icon like this “” and if you want to use it as large and small then you can use like this “” or ““. Like this you can control your icons from tags instead css properties.

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